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Versions history

1.3.1May/18/2010 - Minor update
improve(I12) AudioOnly - channel mixer feature
improve(I13) Windows7 compatibility

1.3.0Dec/04/2008 - Major update
fixed(B15) NTSC frame rate for final video
new(N12) Audio visualizations as video stream background
improve(I11) Better overlap tests in "Asian style mode"

improve(I10) Asian style text and font display

improve(I09) AudioSync optimization for speed
fixed(B13) lost ampersand in source filenames
fixed(B14) national charset in text object in VectorGraphicsAnimator

improve(I04) Windows shell integration - project files
improve(I05) Windows shell integration - lyrics, animation & vk2graphics files
improve(I06) AudioSync optimization for speed
improve(I07) Better overlap tests in "Classic mode"
improve(I08) Default actions for new project
new(N10) VectorGraphicsAnimator - new mode: implode/expolde
new(N11) Shortcut to Library path and Favorites in open dialogs
fixed(B11) app crash when preview is playing
fixed(B12) divide by zero in VectorGraphicsAnimator

fixed(B11) minor UAC problem

improve(I03) check directX filters at startup
fixed(B05) allow open projects from any place
fixed(B06) display files in open media window
fixed(B07) resize pictures imoported to project
fixed(B08) temporary files directory
fixed(B09) run/install as regular user, not administrator
fixed(B10) minor bugs
new(N08) VectorGraphicsAnimator as new effects for title, logo, etc.
new(N09) assign timestamp line-by-line in AudioSync

improve(I01) optimize open media listbox
improve(I02) new directX initialization - much more graphics card supported in VKS2 3D Mode
new(N07) horizontal scrollbar in open media dialog box

fixed(B04) wrong user interface display when system resolution is different then 96dpi
new(N06) vertical center gap definition for "multiline mode"

new(N05) left and right margin definition for "asian mode"

fixed(B01) Access violation in "take picture" in video player from render
fixed(B02) Access violation in render and preview composition
fixed(B03) "Invalid format" in open PNG files to picture editor
new(N01) support for removable drivers in open media dialog box
new(N02) extra vertical gap between lines in "asian mode"
new(N03) bouncing object in "asian mode"
new(N04) new option in AudioSync: "Break line after selected cell"

-first public release

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Current version 1.3.1 release date May/18/2010
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Video tutorials:
   Synchronization - part1  
   Synchronization - part2  

Video sample AVI(xvid,mp3):
   3DEngine demo (size: 28 MB)  


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