Video Karaoke Studio 2
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Key features:
  • graphics audio and video timeline
    • 1 audio track
    • 1 background picture or video track
    • 2 video tracks for composition
    • about 200 transitions between video items
    • 2 independent lyrics text tracks
    • 2 tracks for graphics effects - under and over lyrics - with 3 items on same time
  • full composition video preview in design time
  • helpful open media window with media previews and description
  • AudioSync tool for synchronising lyrics and audio
    • UNICODE support for lyrics
    • build-in internet browser for importing lyrics text
    • text editor for importing and correcting text
    • live preview synchronised lines
    • easy - by mouse click - adjust word position and duration
    • copy and paste sychro time stamps between lines
    • time block copy
    • time stamps move on locked block of text
  • audio and video converter with cut function for extracting audio stream in WAV format
  • bouncing objects library ready to add new objects
  • VKS2 3D Engine for 3D video effects
    • full video stream's postion control in 3D space
    • plugin system for rendering background animations
    • enabled for hardware shaders effects
  • lyrics text control with about 50 parameters and new smooth text render system
  • vector graphics editor and animations for good looking titles, logos, etc.
  • audio visualization with about 300 presets!
  • ... and much more
Video Karaoke Studio II software provides tools for creating professional karaoke video. It supports multiple source formats and can be put to Video-CD, SVideo-CD and DVD. You can synchronise lyrics and add images with the editor tool.
Video Karaoke Studio awards:
softpedia clean award
This software product was tested in the Softpedia labs on: 18 March 2008 by Giorgiana Bursuc.
Softpedia guarantees that Video Karaoke Studio II is 100% CLEAN ...

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Video Karaoke Studio II overview:
All the tools you need for creating professional karaoke video

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Video Karaoke Studio II

Video Karaoke Studio II

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